Kanda is an expertly competent Shiatsu massage therapist. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I was fortunate enough to receive a full body massage from him during a holiday in Japan from my home in the UK. This was my second trip to Japan after marrying a Japanese woman, and I was under a considerable amount of stress, meeting my extended family (and mother-in-law) and trying to create a good impression. I had had a number of late nights and done a lot of travelling around the country. As soon as Kanda began his massage, I could feel the tension and stress knots melting away. He was able to identify which muscles were the problem and targeted them. This is not always relaxing but it gets to the heart of the problem immediately, and I felt immensely better for this. Unfortunately, my time there did not allow me to return for a second visit or I absolutely would have, and allowed Kanda free reign on my body to sort the multiple issues out.

This guy would be regarded as one of the top massage therapists if he was based in the US or UK. If you have the opportunity to be treated by Kanda, take it, you will not be disappointed.

Dominic Williams

Kanda san is a deeply caring and reliable practitioner with expert knowledge. He provides soothing treatment in a calm atmosphere. I always feel rejuvenated and relaxed after his sessions and my wife and I both strongly recommend him.

Peter Mallett

Kanda san provided me fantastic help and support on my path to 100% health. His knowledge is excellent and above all he is a kind, happy and generous man.

Andy Hinds

When I first met Kanda sensei it was for my mom who had great difficulty walking due to backpain and sciatic nerve. It is amazing how Kanda sensei treatment made her feel better and walk better without pain. He even taught her how to do selfmassage at home.

Few months later I myself needed his treatment and god knows how much it helped me to heal my problem. I was always looking forward to Kanda sensei weekly treatment. I even took his shiatsu massage classes.It is so great to be able to give a massage to your family and friends.

Kanda sensei is extremely passionate in his work. He is also a great listener to his patients. He speaks very good English which is very important and helpful for foreigners in Japan.

Whether you live in Japan, or you are on vacation for few days I highly recommend treatment, a massage session or a class with Kanda sensei.

Samia Dokali

When I first went to Kanda, I had trouble walking due to lower back pain. It was amazing how he could make me relax -- I came to look forward to his treatments. The results were phenomanal -- I would walk pain free. Over time, Kanda treated me with accupuncture, moxibustion and massage for conditions ranging from pain, to colds and even weight loss. It is amazing how his oriental treatments work and provide great relief. He is very kind, caring and strives to give the best treatment. I highly recommend Kanda.

Glen Johnson

Kanda-san provided acupuncture and shiatsu treatments that effectively addressed my ailments. Not only is he obviously knowledgeable about acupuncture, but he can explain Chinese medical techniques and practices well. He is a great listener and his attitude is one of respect. I am very grateful for his thorough, kind and caring approach to healing. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

Yvonne C, Kobe.

I am very pleased to have Shiatsu classes for already 1,5 years with Kanda. It is a great experience for me as a general practitioner to discover the oriental medicine and I could not have a better teacher. Kanda is a very open, peaceful and interested man who forwards his skills in shiatsu with great enthusiasm, care and patience. I can absolutely recommend Kanda since his english is perfect, the classes are fun and the shiatsu treatments are a delight.

Karolien van den Brekel (Netherlands)

Dr. Kanda has healing hands!! After experiencing terrible back pain, I sought relief by going to his office for a session of shiatsu and acupuncture. Since that first appointment, I have been pain free, and I now see Dr. Kanda regularly to help me maintain overall greater health and well-being. For my life, I like the holistic approach to therapy and Dr. Kanda provides this and so much more. I don't hesitate to recommend him to all of my friends.

Regina Strashny

Kanda-sensei has been a blessing to our entire family for the past 5 1/2 years. He is a knowledgable and compassionate health care provider. We have received relief via shiatsu, acupunture and moxibustion for a variety of ills - headache; foot, neck, back and arm pain. On a number occasions, he has been known to go to patients' homes when they are unable get to his office because of their painful state. I do not hesitate to recommend his services.

Terry Krikke

I know no body worker anywhere who is more dedicated and conscientious than Kanda-sensei. Time and time again he makes himself available "after hours" to people in pain. On top of that, the results of his thorough treatments are always good and occasionally even miraculous.

Peter Ujlaki