Shioya in Kobe , Japan

Illnesses and disorders of our minds and bodies are cured by removing the cause, and by fostering an environment where the cause does not recur.  Although these actions are primarily taken on our own, there are times when our own actions are not sufficient, and what plays a supplementary role at such times is medical care.As a practitioner of conventional medicine, i.e. Shiatsu, Acupuncture, and Moxibustion, I offer treatment with the purpose of improving the body constitution.  The aim of my treatment is to activate the latent curative powers of the body, and to assist the body on its path to heal itself.




natural medicine

Acupuncture, moxibustion, and shiatsu treatments work to relax the body from its defects while maintaining a very natural state for the mind and body.

First, the autonomic nervous system is regulated. Then, we aim to regulate the function of each internal organ, while at the same time relieving physical and mental pain and restoring function. It is also expected to be very effective for those who are not yet sick, but are not yet completely healthy.

Treatment Cost


5,500yen/50 min.


7,700yen/80 min.

The fee for the first medical examination is 1,500 yen.


treatment cost + 1,100 yen


 (box moxibustion)


(moxibustion head acupuncture)


JikyoJutsu is a do-it-yourself therapy

autonomic nervous system disorders, adult diseases

and mental and physical stress relief.

It has long been known as an exercise therapy for overcoming all illnesses.

"Move your own body".

It is a regimen that anyone can do.


t our clinic, we teach Jikyōjutsu in classes and online.

Jikyoh Jyutsu is also taught in classes and online.

Online Class

we provide online class of Jikyo Jutsu basically 

every Saturday at 6PM in Japan.