Kamishima Medicine

Illnesses and disorders of our minds and bodies are cured by removing the cause, and by fostering an environment where the cause does not recur.  Although these actions are primarily taken on our own, there are times when our own actions are not sufficient, and what plays a supplementary role at such times is medical care.As a practitioner of conventional medicine, i.e. Shiatsu, Acupuncture, and Moxibustion, I offer treatment with the purpose of improving the body constitution.  The aim of my treatment is to activate the latent curative powers of the body, and to assist the body on its path to heal itself.

I am reminded every day in clinical practice of how powerfully effective this healing mechanism actually is in many cases.  It is the most natural treatment for the body with very little side effect, and can be highly recommended to be used also for preventive medicine and daily relaxation.

I also provide teaching classes of JiKyoJutsu, a Japanese traditional gymnastic exercise.  It can be called a self treatment method.  I believe that JiKyoJutsu also works same as my treatment does, as long as you keep properly doing it often.

 Nevertheless, I do not necessarily have the perception that this medical treatment and JiKyoJutsu are optimal for everyone and in all cases.  Medical care comes in many forms and institutions, among which is of course common modern medicine, as well as folk medicine and others, which could also be good options.

 While I do provide Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Moxibustion and JiKyoJtsu to everyone, I am not obstinate; I try to take a broad approach, and keep my treatment and JiKyoJutsu options flexible for each individual case.

KANDA, Katsuhisa